Master of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences (M.PHIL)

University of Lahore

This degree program is designed to conduct research for the purpose of identifying and eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect the environment and human health. Students will be able to utilize scientific knowledge of various disciplines and suggest actions based on data derived from measurements or observations of air, food, soil, water, and other sources. The Department of Environmental Sciences has highly qualified faculty with vast exposure in different latest areas of research. Students are encouraged to participate in conferences and seminars to present their research work.

Degree Requirements

16 Years of education/ MSc/ BS or equivalent in relevant field (Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Soil Science, Physics, Chemistry, Wildlife & Zoology, Botany, Forestry, Geography, Geology) with minimum 45% marks in annual system or 2.50 CGPA (out of 4.00) in semester system.

Why this Degree

The scope of environmental science has increased with growing environmental concerns. In the public sector, there are various jobs at local, provincial and federal government levels. The opportunities for environmental graduates will further increase with the establishment of local bodies system. Currently, all provinces, AJK and Gilgat Baltistan have environmental institutions at district level. In private sector, environmental consultancies and firms have job opportunities for environmental graduates. Environmental sections have also been established by the UN Organizations, World Bank and Asian Development Bank. Non-governmental organizations in the development and conservation sectors are also hiring environmental graduates.

Courses Offered

Semester 1
Sr No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Research Methods in Environmental Science                                                                     (Core Course) 3
2 Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation                                                                          (Core Course) 3
3 Strategic Environmental Assessment                                                                                  (Core Course) 3
4 Environmental Analytical Techniques                                                                                   (Core Course)


Semester 2

Sr No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Elective - I 3
2 Elective - II 3
3 Elective - III 3
4 Elective - IV 3


Semester 3

Sr No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Research Thesis 6


Semester 4

Sr No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Research Thesis 6

Offered at Campuses
Fact File

2 Years (Credit Hours 30)

Programme Recognition