Department of Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science is very important and a challenging field of study. Environmental problems have occurred due to rapid urbanization, industrialization, land use change, over exploitation of resources, excessive use of agrochemicals and lack of environmental awareness. The discharge of untreated industrial wastewater has caused contamination of water bodies, soil and ground water affecting ecosystem and human health. The gaseous emissions from industries and vehicles have caused atmospheric pollution and suspension of hazardous particulate matter. Department of Environmental Sciences teaches students to address domestic, national, regional and global environmental challenges through advanced remediation technologies, creating environmental awareness among citizens, conservation of natural resources and formulation of environmental policies.

Department of Environmental Sciences offers undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degree programs in the field of Environmental Sciences. Programs in Environmental Sciences are offered to students from physical sciences, biological sciences, environmental management, engineering, and other relevant disciplines. Students are trained to conduct research in laboratories, field stations, universities, research organizations and private companies. There are number of opportunities for graduates in relevant local, state and federal government agencies. Graduates may also find employment in private environmental firms, consultancies and industries.

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