University of Lahore

Reference Management Workshop

Reference management introductory workshops will include: Creating and organising an EndNote library Adding References to an EndNote library both manually and by using direct export or filters Using the Group function to organise references Inserting and editing citations in a Word document using EndNote's Cite While You Write (CWYW) function Formatting referencing in the APA reference style in a Word document

Training Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a key tool for analyzing the impacts of the new project proposals on the environment, for integrating environmental concerns in to the project, mitigating any adverse impacts and providing a forum for public participation in the decision-making process. In general, EIAs are being carried out by national/international consultancies, and submitted to national governmental authority for review and approval. The implementation of the EIA in the Gulf region be

3-D Environmental Model Exhibition

Purpose of this activity to provide an environment for interactive student engagement. Working with models can enhance systems thinking abilities and model development are useful for helping students learn quantitative skills of students.

Training Session on Environmental Analytical and Mobile Air Quality Monitoring

Training Session covered the main aspects of air pollution, its effects and associated costs as well as the current status of air pollution meteorology with its pros and cons. Then, an overview over modern low-cost sensor principles, operating modes and data evaluation strategies is given with clear indications on advantages and limitations compared to existing monitoring stations. Examples will be given for various benchmark applications covering different mobile and fixed sensor solutions for

Seminar on Soil Conservation

An introductory Seminar to update key concepts on soil science as needed: soil formation, classification, organic matter and nutrients. This is followed by more advanced topics, including: soils as a sink for atmospheric carbon; carbon sequestration in agriculture, pastures, and forests; soil impacts of shifting agriculture; soil management and productivity in agroforestry; soil erosion control; organic farming; mycorrhizae and organic biostimulants; rehabilitation of degraded soils through refo

Training Workshop on Environmental Monitoring

One Day Workshop on Environmental Monitoring